“T-Classic Deserves Morethan His Newest Ordeal Of Underrating Plight In Nigeria Music Industry”

Tolulope Ajayi is a very wonderful Nigerian singer who never went far-fetched limelight in Nigeria music industry. He gained nationwide relevance and acceptance in 2018, after his official singles titled: “I Want You”, and “Issabella” coming through under – Mixnaija Entertainment in 2017, after becoming the label signee same year.

Next stop, he made for us his first major hit collabo with popular Mayor of Lagos – Mayorkun. Who assisted the track excellence, cementing it with “hit music” features abruptly after release. It was titled: “Fall In Love”, and the track went very golden and was hugely accepted in Nigerian scene. With it’s hit stripes which seized us into beautiful feelings filled with lovely moments and imaginations playing through our minds eye. Aftermath the wild ‘fall in love’ creation, an established “hit” cascade upon the track made it went through severe acceptance, gifting T-Classic’s art a very deep appreciation in the Nigeria music scene, after other single releases and leading diaspora.

Classic boy” took us away to someplace greater, and along another the path, he kept unraveling sweet vibe gimmick with dependable addiction. No doubt, “we fell in love” with his kind of art coming differently exquisite, and giving to us an introduction of endless savor inner our hearts. Along the plain, we suddenly felt and experienced Classic-boy’s greatness flowing deep through our veins while the listening to his eclectic Afropop vibes he continually fed our soul. What happened suddenly along close line in Nigerian music scene? Of course T-Classic should’ve embraced big recognitions beyond the shores of Nigeria? Well, listen closely..he sailed on, handed I and your totality to another beautiful soul gripping pop single early in 2019, which he titled – “Nobody Fine Pass You”. The track came thick gracious, with an enveloping goodness indeed, I and your soul felt still.
The track was a hot strike, an award winning bolt which paved through as “Pop Song Of The Year” in City People Award dot board, 2019. Without suffocating his fully equipped dexterity which held unto a very wonderful experience, sipping through a flare of heavenly vibe, in a gold-glass-classic mug fissiling out. Coming “again” with its hot delicious content, and this time Classic-boy released series of great singles within 2019, before crossing fully over to a much bigger vision 2020. Everything playing a bit success and he gave birth to more Classic’s: awesome singles, features and fine collaborations playing in the scene. Tracks like, “Think About It”, “Hold On”, “Yes Or No”, “Owo”, “Buga”, “My My”, etc.



After a simple anticipation, he introduced us into his very beautiful extended play which seemed directed towards serial wave making in his 2020 plan. He went ahead, penning a greater deal with popular “Sony Music West Africa”, and from their stables blotting an extended play introduction, titled: “Underrated EP”. High hopes to curate a music industry commotion with a critical classic version of him, although he never went bad at all. Taking alongside his five track extended play, DMW pop titans – Mayorkun and Perruzi, to make the lead track titled “Where You Dey” more holy and even worthwile, which was indeed cool to flow through. While other tracks in the play continue to stand out, seeking his rebirth in due time – to raise a bigger superstar with great edge.

Well, I would be deeply wrong but fine right if I say T-Classic at some point enslaved many young Nigerian adult into listening his real sweet, and addictive African pop art from National closet. Although the addiction enslavement went beyond the African border, and its appreciation magnified and bore deep. Along the line, “in my speculation” something changed about his artistic acceptance, not with his art totality involving distinct delivery and fissling deterity for genuine appreciation. As we continually pray, hoping something different from Classic occur and forever plant his art beyond national shores as a fine unique African popstar, picking many recognition beyond the Nigerian shores for the lovely art he fissles out? Although he delivers the great, and chic sounds coming ahead with beautiful rhythms, and plays nicely. Increasing his coast, no doubt. He performed his golden tracks on several worthy stages with best alluring myraid shine, and made solid waves with the art he structured unique. But what happened after his recent extended play release — “Underrated?” What has slightly went off radar even while his beautiful sticky five play EP still connotes an Unusual shine and perfection – Classic-boy? Where’s appreciation, would this pass without the headboy recognition for Classic boy?

Of course sweet music don’t lie, and a great artiste who never went far-fetched limelight I think doesn’t and shouldn’t deserve any form of Underration plight within our scene. Acts like this are futures of morrow giants, in as much we always love the art they churne and they consistently deliver perfection. But what happened to you close listener? Have you been carried away so soon from the “African popstar – Classic-boy?”. T-Classic deserves more than the underration plights. Of course he does. Would you take note of this verse as – he deserves your sight at, just like when he released his dependable addictive track fusion of Nobody fine pass you afropop classic. Even Omah Lay deserves worthy gold medal already, which might step his feet to new realms of glory. Think of T-Classic in a new realm you think he should be right now? Don’t you ever sleep on Classic-boy.

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